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US Coe Report

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The Coe Report - intraday report with trading ideas from technical analyst, Tarquin Coe.

Tarquin recently contributed a chapter on technical trading and portfolio management for the book “Exchange Traded Funds & Index Funds”, published by the Financial Times.

The Coe Report is a concise advisory newsletter providing US trading ideas accompanied by analysis derived from a range of different technical disciplines. It is presented clearly with annotated charts, targets and stops. Unlike many advisories and “tip sheets”, the report runs a long and short model portfolio. Tarquin always follows through on his recommendations, shepherding the successful positions, guarding unreleased gains with trailing stop losses. Unlike other providers, the portfolio trades are always announced ahead of the trade and NOT post trade, making this probably one of the most transparent services on the market. 


Here is just some of the feedback from our subscriber base:

"I have to tell you, Mr Coe, I like this report a lot. It's simply constructed with only 2 pages, clean looking charts in various formats, and it's in my opinion clearly written with analysis I find amongst the best I've ever read"

"I really enjoy The Coe Report and find it very valuable in my investment process"

"I would have to rate your service as very good. The performance has been outstanding as far as your recommendations"

"These intraday bulletins are great. Well written, concise and quite precise as to stop loss etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep up the good work."

"Appreciate your critical analysis of the market, as well as your putting out some Trade ideas, and sharing your thinking with your readers. Your newsletter is a learning experience."

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