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Untangling Financial Markets aims to explain and predict the future paths of asset prices whether global equity indices, bond markets, currencies or selected commodities in ways that are relevant to many different types of organisations and private individuals, whether institutional investors, family offices, or those simply looking for succinct explanations of the global investing environment.

This is achieved by creating an investment process that reviews and analyses, amongst other things:

- Official policies: for example, of governments, central banks and other global institutions such as the IMF, or World Bank
- Macro-economic analysis: assessing the economic data from a broad range of countries around the world
- Relative Value: looking at the valuations of financial assets in a comparative way to see which maybe cheap, or expensive
- Technical and Timing: using a variety of proprietary technical indicators from the Investors Intelligence / StockCube Research armoury to confirm and time its views

Complex issues from economics, or finance theory, are made accessible and combined with the latest in behavioural trading. This approach provides a structured framework that gives rise to a series of specific investment themes and insights that have broad application across multiple product types and geographic regions leading to specific trading ideas.

The content is distributed in emailed format through the week. Daily comments link into a forward-looking weekend summary of the main views and recurrent market themes. The emphasis is on speedy delivery and assimilation, so there is a prevalence of charts, policy speeches and relevant data. It is the constant emphasis on theme and view that makes the content so useful.

Current users include hedge funds, fund managers, senior managers in investment banks, corporate Treasury departments and individual investors. Those wishing to expand on the insights further can enter into consultancy arrangements.

The author of Untangling Financial Markets, Chico Khan-Gandapur has three decades of experience trading and selling in the financial industry. His last institutional role was as global head of Fixed Income and Currencies Trading and Sales at the bank Societe Generale, where he also served as a member on the executive committee of the investment bank.

While there he managed a business trading interest rates, currencies, and credit across G-10 and emerging markets in 22 centres across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. He has also been a Managing Director at Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank and has worked and lived in New York and Frankfurt and travelled the investing world extensively.

He has been writing on markets for several years now. His notable (audited) views have focused on a successful resolution of the EZ Existential Crisis in 2012; a call for action by Japan ahead of the Bank of Japan’s QQE; a rally in US government bond markets post the Fed’s Taper in December 2013 and for QE by the ECB in 2015 with all the impacts on financial asset prices these predictions have entailed.

Chico has an honours degree in Chemistry from the University of Oxford (St. Peter’s College) and a Masters Degree in Finance from the London Business School. He is also an associate member of the Society of Technical Analysts in London.

He has appeared on BBC Radio expressing his (political) views and has had market thoughts published in the Financial Times.

His product very much complements the other offerings from Investors Intelligence / StockCube.

Key Features:
  • Official Policies
  • Macro-economic analysis
  • Relative Value
  • Technical and Timing