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The Advisors Sentiment Report... heralding major market moves since 1963

This survey has been widely adopted by the investment community as a contrarian indicator and is followed closely by the financial media. Since its inception in 1963, our indicator has a consistent record for predicting the major market turning points.

-Surveying a broad assembly of respected views
We study over a hundred independent market newsletters and assess each author’s current stance on the market: bullish, bearish or correction. Since we have had just four editors since inception, there has been a consistent approach to determining each advisors stance and his prior viewpoint.

-Four decades of data to set our precedent
Our weekly sentiment data runs consistently back to the 1960’s. Current readings are put into context against historic precedents.

-A contrary indicator…but only at extremes
We don’t necessarily take a contrarian view to the newsletter writers in our survey. A large part of the time our sentiment readings remain neutral. We consider the norm to be 45% bulls, 35% bears and 20% neutral. However, we do pay attention to extreme readings in both bulls and bears and also to historically significant runs of more bulls than bears.
To summarize, advisors are only wrong when you get too many of them start thinking the same thing.

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