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II Highlight 
14 March 2007

Welcome to


As an investor in the UK market, you will no doubt be aware that whilst conventional and online media provide a considerable body of analysis and opinion on the UK equity markets, the needs of the fixed income investor have largely been ignored.


We believe that this is a significant gap in coverage, particularly in view of the growing demand of SIPP and ISA holders for these important income generating assets.


In view of this, we are pleased to announce the launch today of our new website for Sterling bond investors at This free-to-view resource enables investors to:

  • View, compare and rank a universe of 350 liquid Sterling bonds by price, yield, maturity and other criteria
  • Chart the price and yield of gilts and eurosterling bonds. Also benchmarks, indices and reference rates
  • Receive regular updates on opportunities in the bond markets via our Bond of the week and Model Portfolio

We are delighted to have secured sponsorship for this project from Barclays Capital and Winterfloods, senior partners in the Bondscape fixed income dealing platform, enabling to be released on a free-to-view basis. I hope that you will take the time to visit the site and view our latest “Bond of the Week” and the update on our Model Portfolio.


We believe that this research will be a powerful tool for selecting and managing your fixed income portfolio, adding valuable diversification and the power of an income stream to your holdings. If you would like to sign up to receive regular updates and bond picks, why not sign up by registering here?

I welcome your feedback on this project and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on +44 20 7352 4001.

Mark Glowrey
Investors Intelligence 


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