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II Highlight 
6 October 2006

Scanners & more........

At Investors Intelligence we continue develop the technical analysis tools available to our subscribers, and we pleased to announce the following new features for October:

Automated signal scanners. Subscribers will already be familiar with the daily P&F Breakout scanners and weekly Buy/Sell Climax filters. Earlier this year we launched two new filters for our Currency, Commodity, Fixed Income and Index modules which scan for Key Day Reversals and Moving Average Crossovers.  

We have now installed these filters across all the stocks and instruments available on II, and added NEW scanner for Hi/Lo Poles and Overextended P&Fs. These can all be found under the new "Signals" button on the top navigation bar and offer the following:

  • Daily Breakouts. The old favourite! Stocks scanned for change of P&F trend, based on the classic Investors Intelligence/Chartcraft three box reversal technique.
  • Weekly Climaxes: Stocks & instruments posting an intraday reversal after a 52-week rise or decline. Buying Climaxes occur at 52 wk highs and indicate distribution. Selling Climaxes occur at the 52 wk lows and indicate accumulation.
  • Key Day Reversals: A popular short/medium term reversal signal, where stock reverse after posting an "outside day". Particularly powerful when occurirng on trend lines, after an overstretched rise/decline or at prior sideways activity levels
  • MA Crossovers: indicate long-term momentum shifts. We scan for the popular 50 and 200 day crossover. "Golden" crosses show the 50 day rising above the 200, and "Dead" the opposite. Typically used as confirming indicator
  • Hi/Lo Pole:  Another P&F indicator. In the case of the Low Pole the “down” column of “0” extends by 3 or more boxes, below the previous “down” column of  “0”, but retraces by more than 50% of the entire down column. The High Pole is the opposite. These kind of signals can often be utilized effectively in combination with our sector Bullish% scores.
  • Overextended P&F. A simple scanner that filters for reversals from overextended "tails" and "spikes".

Email alerts: Have you ever said to yourself, "I wish some one would let me know when Microsoft pulls back to $24, or when Gold regains $750!". Well, now the Investors Intelligence website will do it for you. Simply pick your chosen stock, select chart alert from the menu on the right hand side of the chart, and select an upper or lower limit.

And there’s more! You can set any of the above signals on the email alerts, so that you know when stocks in your portfolio post technically significant action.

We hope that these new features will be great new tools for our subscribers, and we look forward to continuing to develop the II service.


Best regards,


The Investors Intelligence Development Team                                      


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