European Daily Market Statistics
7 August 2020

Index Summaries

Europe Index Summary

 CloseVolume1 day ChangeP&F TrendStop
Euro Stoxx 357.12793.8m+1.42+0.4% Bear 30 Jul 2020 377.50
Euro Stoxx 50 3252.65380.8m+12.26+0.4% Bear 30 Jul 2020 3475.00
France CAC40 Index 4889.5262.4m+4.39+0.1% Bear 30 Jul 2020 5200.00
Germany DAX Index 12674.957.8m+83.20+0.7% Bear 30 Jul 2020 12800.00
Netherlands AEX Index 559.5776.9m+1.11+0.2% Bear 30 Jul 2020 590.00
Spain IBEX 35 Index 6950.5200.0m-7.40-0.1% Bear 30 Jul 2020 7700.00
Sweden OMX Index 1740.4647.9m+1.32+0.1% Bull 2 Jul 2020 1700.00
Switzerland SMI Index 1006834.9m+0.90+0.0% Bear 24 Jul 2020 10300.00
Closing prices through Fri Aug 7, 2020

Market Breadth

 %Bulls %30 wk
Europe EURO STOXX (SXXE) 57.29% +0.35 Bear Confirmed 28-Jul-20   41.32% +0.70 Bear Correction 4-Aug-20
Europe EURO STOXX 50 (SX5E) 57.14% n/c Bear Confirmed 29-Jul-20   44.90% n/c Bear Correction 3-Aug-20
Europe STOXX 50 (SX5P) 44.00% n/c Bear Confirmed 24-Jul-20   38.00% +2.00 Bull Alert 3-Aug-20
Europe STOXX 600 (SXXP) 57.17% +0.36 Bear Confirmed 30-Jul-20   45.70% +1.43 Bull Confirmed 4-Aug-20
Finland (HEX 25) 78.95% n/c Bull Top 10-Jul-20   63.16% +5.27 Bull Confirmed 5-Aug-20
France (CAC 40) 52.50% n/c Bear Correction 5-Aug-20   27.50% n/c Bear Confirmed 6-Aug-20
Germany (DAX) 53.33% n/c Bear Confirmed 30-Jul-20   56.67% -3.33 Bear Correction 3-Aug-20
Greece Athens (ASE) 52.00% n/c Bear Confirmed 1-Jul-20   30.19% n/c Bull Confirmed 28-Jul-20
Italy FTSE MIB (SPMIB) 64.29% n/c Bear Confirmed 30-Jul-20   42.86% -3.57 Bull Confirmed 4-Aug-20
Netherlands (AEX) 62.50% n/c Bear Confirmed 30-Jul-20   45.83% n/c Bear Correction 3-Aug-20
Norway (OSEBX) 58.93% n/c Bull Correction 24-Jul-20   51.79% -1.78 Bull Confirmed 5-Aug-20
Portugal (PSI20) 37.50% n/c Bear Confirmed 1-Jul-20   37.50% n/c Bull Confirmed 3-Aug-20
Spain (IBEX 35) 35.48% n/c Bear Confirmed 29-Jul-20   16.13% n/c Bear Confirmed 31-Jul-20
Sweden (OMX) 62.07% n/c Bear Alert 24-Jul-20   65.52% +3.45 Bear Confirmed 28-Jul-20
Switzerland (SMI) 55.56% n/c Bear Confirmed 30-Jul-20   44.44% -11.12 Bull Correction 7-Aug-20

Industry Breadth

Industry% BullsChangeStatusSig. date
EURO STOXX Auto 50.00% n/c Bear Confirmed 30-Jul-20
EURO STOXX Bank 50.00% n/c Bear Confirmed 30-Jul-20
EURO STOXX Basic Resources 66.67% n/c Bear Confirmed 30-Jul-20
EURO STOXX Chemical 66.67% n/c Bear Confirmed 31-Jul-20
EURO STOXX Construction 60.87% n/c Bear Confirmed 30-Jul-20
EURO STOXX Energy 50.00% n/c Bear Correction 5-Aug-20
EURO STOXX Financial Services 41.18% n/c Bear Confirmed 10-Jul-20
EURO STOXX Food/Beverages 64.29% n/c Bear Confirmed 6-Aug-20
EURO STOXX Health 57.89% n/c Bear Confirmed 3-Aug-20
EURO STOXX Industrial Goods 75.51% n/c Bull Top 24-Jul-20
EURO STOXX Insurance 55.56% n/c Bear Confirmed 30-Jul-20
EURO STOXX Media 66.67% n/c Bear Correction 23-Jun-20
EURO STOXX Personal & Household Goods 37.50% n/c Bear Confirmed 22-Jul-20
EURO STOXX Retail 27.27% n/c Bear Confirmed 3-Aug-20
EURO STOXX Technology 61.11% n/c Bear Alert 28-Jul-20
EURO STOXX Telecom 26.67% n/c Bull Correction 28-Jul-20
EURO STOXX Travel & Leisure 37.50% n/c Bull Alert 5-Aug-20
EURO STOXX Utility 90.00% n/c Bull Confirmed 27-May-20

Top 5 Gains.
SymbolStockClose% Change
PGSPetroleum Geo-Services3.97+20.5%
HIKHikma Pharmaceuticals PLC2393+10.9%
SAZStada Arzneimittel103+9.6%
Top 5 Losses.
SymbolStockClose% Change
IDEXIDEX ASA.1.65-6.0%
INTRKIntracom Sa0.66-5.7%

New Signals

P&F Breakouts: Aug 7, 2020.

Symbol NameIndustry Signal Signal
Stoploss Latest
AGK Aggreko PLC Bull420.00485.00385.00427.80
GFC Gecina Real EstateBull116.00146.00102.00115.90
RMV Rightmove Bull600.00710.00540.00630.60
CNA Centrica PLC Bear46.0038.0052.0046.22

Hi Lo Poles : August 07, 2020
None found

OverExtended : August 07, 2020

CodeNameSignalLatest CloseChange
IAGInternational Consolidated AirlinesSpike185.65-0.45
OSEBXNorway OSE Bench IndexSpike854.63-0.25
PFGProvident Financial PLCSpike179.80-5.20

Key Day Reversals : August 07, 2020

PLAKRCrete Plastics S.A.Peak13.50-1.8%
INTRKIntracom SaPeak0.66-5.7%
IMIIMI PLCTrough1058.00+3.0%

MA Crossovers : August 07, 2020

CodeNameSignalLatest CloseChange
DANSKEDen Danske BankGolden101.90-0.10
RORRotork PLCGolden318.00+7.00
PLATThrace Plastics Co.Golden2.05-0.05
BAKKABakkafrost P/FDead558.00+8.00
BEIBeiersdorf AGDead95.74-1.40
TEMNTemenos GroupDead138.65+0.65

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