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The Weekly Review

The Weekly Review draws together the findings from the daily modules to suggest a market outlook for the week ahead and possibly the longer term.

We look for confirmation from five very different types of analysis which, combined, can generate powerful market timing signals.

Composite Indicators: looking at the big picture
We developed the Short term and Long term Composite Indicators as a means of consolidating the signals generated from our various technical disciplines.

They have provided us with many good market entry and exit points since inception in the 1980’s but it is not meant to be the single solution to timing but rather a useful weekly “meeting point” at which we review and compare the component indicators and identify which of them are providing most benefit at any one time.

How does it work
The composite indicators are generated from the scores awarded to over forty indicators. These indicators have been selected across a wide range of disciplines covering:

The scores awarded to each indicator are weighted to create indicators that generates signals at market extremes i.e. buy signals at market bottoms and sell signals at market tops. It became apparent to us that we needed to apply more emphasis on leading indicators and therefore weightings are dependent on each indicator’s predictive value rather than its trend following capability.

Oct 11th: short term bearish………………………………longer term still bullish

Short Term CompositeLong Term Composite

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