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UK Daily Hotline 
11 November 2014             By S Gale, Analyst
UK Index Summary
 CloseVolume1 day ChangeP&F TrendStop
FTSE 100 6611.25767.1m+44.01+0.7% Bear 2 Oct 2014 6950.00
FTSE 250 15596.2259.2m+131.70+0.9% Bull 29 Oct 2014 14950.00
FTSE SmallCap Index 4350.4382.9m+29.30+0.7% Bear 14 Apr 2014 4500.00
FTSE All Share 3535.461,107.1m+24.48+0.7% Bear 23 Sep 2014 3680.00
Closing prices through Mon Nov 10, 2014
The UK markets open higher this morning

The FTSE 100 breaks short term resistance at the top of the targeted range at 6,560 to move above the 6,600 level. Further resistance resides at the 6,700/6,710 region. The FTSE 250 also broke above resistance at 15,500.

Stock Action
We open a short position in Centrica as it rallied into medium term price and relative downtrends at its previous July/August lows at 305. We target 265 and place our stop at 310.

We open a short position in Spectris as it encounters its medium term downtrend at 1,900. We target 1,600 and place our stop at 2,000.

Portfolio Update
We close our long position (-6.71%) in Admiral as it hits our stop at 1,200, having failed to hold at support from the recent September/October lows.

We also close our short position (-8.15%) in Aberdeen Asset Management as it hits our stop at 450, testing price and relative resistance at the top of the range.

Chart of the day: BDEV
We open a long position in Barratt Developments as it reasserts medium term price adn relative uptrends. We target 470 and place our stop at 396.

UK Equity Trading (long/short) Longs
Date Stock Code Type Open Price Current Price % P&L Stop Comment
29 May 2014 William Hill PLCWMH Long 355.2 358.5 +0.93%320
11 Aug 2014 Reed Elsevier PLCREL Long 955.5 1042 +9.05%920
12 Sep 2014 Atkins (WS)ATK Long 1367 1371 +0.29%1250
15 Sep 2014 Catlin Group LtdCGL Long 508.5 552 +8.55%480
16 Sep 2014 Hiscox PLCHSX Long 638 684 +7.21%600
26 Sep 2014 Burberry Group PLCBRBY Long 1518 1520 +0.13%1400
3 Oct 2014 Prudential PLCPRU Long 1372.5 1442.5 +5.10%1275
6 Oct 2014 Melrose PLCMRO Long 252.2 262.3 +4.00%235
13 Oct 2014 Anglo American PLCAAL Long 1388 1360.5 -1.98%1290
21 Oct 2014 Direct Line Insurance Group PLCDLG Long 271.1 271.2 +0.04%255
24 Oct 2014 Shire PLCSHP Long 4050 4235 +4.57%3600
28 Oct 2014 Enterprise Inns PLCETI Long 123.2 129.6 +5.19%112
30 Oct 2014 Homeserve PLCHSV Long 342.9 343.8 +0.26%325
31 Oct 2014 Investec PLCINVP Long 572 580.5 +1.49%540
4 Nov 2014 Man Group PLCEMG Long 129.8 133.8 +3.08%122
6 Nov 2014 Royal Mail GroupRMG Long 452.3 458.5 +1.37%430
10 Nov 2014 Barratt Developments PLCBDEV Long 420.1 420.1 0.00%396
UK Equity Trading (long/short) Shorts
Date Stock Code Type Open Price Current Price % P&L Stop Comment
12 Aug 2014 Serco Group PLCSRP Short 330.5 215 +34.95%360
1 Sep 2014 GlaxoSmithKline PLCGSK Short 1460 1423.5 +2.50%1540
10 Oct 2014 Weir GroupWEIR Short 2206 2227 -0.95%2430
16 Oct 2014 Unilever PLCULVR Short 2447 2545 -4.00%2560
22 Oct 2014 Lonmin PLCLMI Short 181.9 195 -7.20%200
24 Oct 2014 Next PLCNXT Short 6500 6520 -0.31%6800
28 Oct 2014 Provident Financial PLCPFG Short 2141 2117 +1.12%2200
31 Oct 2014 Stagecoach Group PLCSGC Short 387 369 +4.65%400
3 Nov 2014 Sage Group PLCSGE Short 375 380.2 -1.39%400
3 Nov 2014 Centrica PLCCNA Short 295.5 300.6 -1.73%310
4 Nov 2014 United Business Media PLCUBM Short 550 552 -0.36%575
5 Nov 2014 Daily Mail & General TrustDMGT Short 790 805 -1.90%825
6 Nov 2014 RSARSA Short 460.1 456.8 +0.72%490
10 Nov 2014 Centrica PLCCNA Short 300.6 300.6 0.00%310
10 Nov 2014 Spectris PLCSXS Short 1892 1892 0.00%2000
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