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FTSE Top 200 Daily Hotline
14 Mar 2017 Analyst S. Gale

UK Index Summary

Close Volume 1 day Change P&F Trend Stop
FTSE 100 7367.08 948.2m +24.00 +0.3% Bull 3 Oct 2016 7050.00
FTSE 250 19029.2 359.5m +67.75 +0.4% Bull 1 Mar 2017 18750.00
FTSE SmallCap Index 5362.99 87.1m +3.37 +0.1% Bull 3 Jan 2017 4800.00
FTSE All Share 4010.54 1,394.7m +13.93 +0.3% Bull 8 Dec 2016 3900.00
Closing prices through Mon Mar 13, 2017

Chart of the Day

We highlight Smiths Group as a Bull
breaks to new medium term price highs and tests recent relative highs
Trend Score: 90
Short Term Stock Chart

UK Indices

The UK Markets are mixed this morning
The FTSE 100 edges higher this morning towards 7,400. The FTSE 250 edges lower this morning after encountering yesterday's intraday high at 19,049.


We highlight Rentokil Initial as a Bull
tests recent price and relative highs
Trend Score: 88
Short Term Stock Chart
We highlight National Express Group as a Bull
tests top of the price range on bullish volume and finds relative support
Trend Score: 42
Short Term Stock Chart
We highlight AstraZeneca as a Bull
breaks above short term resistance at 4750 and forms short term relative base
Trend Score: 12
Short Term Stock Chart
We highlight Saga Plc as a Bull
forms short term price and relative bases on bullish volume
Trend Score: -42
Short Term Stock Chart
We highlight Bovis Homes Group as a Bull
confirms short term price base and tests short term relative downtrend
Trend Score: -82
Short Term Stock Chart


We highlight CRH as a Bear
encounters recent price highs and short term relative top
Trend Score: 90
Short Term Stock Chart
We highlight Indivior Plc as a Bear
forms price and relative tops
Trend Score: 84
Short Term Stock Chart
We highlight Domino's Pizza UK & Irl as a Bear
tests bottom of price range and confirms short term relative top
Trend Score: 40
Short Term Stock Chart
We highlight Centrica as a Bear. We open a short position
reasserts medium term price and relative downtrends. We target 195 and place our stop at 230.
Trend Score: -39
Short Term Stock Chart
We highlight AA as a Bear
encounters medium term price and relative downtrends
Trend Score: -74
Short Term Stock Chart

UK Equity Trading Longs

Date Stock Code Type Open Price Current Price % P&L Target Stop
3 Oct 2016 BAE Systems PLC BA/ Long 531.5 635 +19.47% 600 500
31 Oct 2016 BBA Group PLC BBA Long 258.6 301.3 +16.51% 290 246
2 Nov 2016 QinetiQ QQ/ Long 233.6 278.8 +19.35% 275 220
22 Nov 2016 Victrex plc VCT Long 1724 1968 +14.15% 1945 1620
2 Dec 2016 Workspace Group PLC WKP Long 690 785 +13.77% 875 650
13 Dec 2016 Asos ASC Long 4888 5569 +13.93% 5750 4500
17 Jan 2017 Sport Direct Int. SPD Long 293.7 298.1 +1.50% 350 270
17 Jan 2017 Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC RBS Long 220.2 241.3 +9.58% 255 210
19 Jan 2017 Spirax-Sarco Engineering PLC SPX Long 4338 4684 +7.98% 5000 4050
31 Jan 2017 Barratt Developments PLC BDEV Long 477.7 536 +12.20% 600 450
6 Feb 2017 RSA RSA Long 584.5 591 +1.11% 640 555
1 Mar 2017 Atkins (WS) ATK Long 1506 1480 -1.73% 1700 1400
2 Mar 2017 Halma PLC HLMA Long 998.5 983.5 -1.50% 1100 945
9 Mar 2017 Kingfisher PLC KGF Long 337.6 336.8 -0.24% 385 320

UK Equity Trading Shorts

Date Stock Code Type Open Price Current Price % P&L Target Stop
14 Dec 2016 Shaftesbury PLC SHB Short 890.5 909 -2.08% 825 925
10 Jan 2017 Jupiter Fund Management PLC JUP Short 446 414.7 +7.02% 395 465
12 Jan 2017 Associated British Foods PLC ABF Short 2576 2633 -2.21% 2250 2750
9 Feb 2017 Fresnillo FRES Short 1529 1436 +6.08% 1330 1600
9 Feb 2017 Hargreaves Lansdown HL/ Short 1353 1321 +2.37% 1200 1420
16 Feb 2017 Ocado Group PLC OCDO Short 255.3 258.2 -1.14% 215 265
21 Feb 2017 3i Group PLC III Short 710 729.5 -2.75% 600 730
23 Feb 2017 CRH CRH Short 2695 2861 -6.16% 2220 2900
9 Mar 2017 Weir Group WEIR Short 1840 1859 -1.03% 1600 1950
9 Mar 2017 Informa PLC INF Short 651 647.5 +0.54% 575 700
13 Mar 2017 Centrica PLC CNA Short 220.9 220.9 0.00% 195 230

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