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International Equity Index Daily Hotline 
17 February 2015                                     By Cornelia Dichio, Analyst
Chart of the day: Norway's index tests Sept barrier


The Norwegian OSE benchmark index makes an appearance on the 'Gainers' board with +0.7%.  The market has renewed the advance from the December floor near 530 to challenge resistance at the September ceiling at 622.02.  If bulls can manage a clearance, last year's earlier peaks stretching up to 632.37 (also the all-time high) will become the next target to aim for.



Daily Comment:


Israel's Tel Aviv 100 index has posted a 0.8% gain for Monday's trading.  Support at the 200-day moving average was recently confirmed by the market.  The rally from that platform continued past the January high yesterday, heading towards the 2014, and all-time, highs near 1320-1330.  There is no further chart resistance above that barrier.  A breach of the 200-day MA would be required to damage the pattern.

In contrast, Dubai's Financial Market General index has registered a 3.2% loss.  The market continues to encounter resistance near the sideways area around 4000.  That said, however, there are no dynamics attached to the reaction; and the index has made higher lows since December.  Therefore, another challenge on that barrier cannot be ruled out just yet.

Egypt's Cairo SE 30 index shed 2% as it extended its fall from the overbought highs situated near the psychological 10000 level.  Should former resistance in the 9500 region, from the November/December highs; near the 50-day MA, fail to convert into support, there will be a risk of further slippage towards the longer-term MA line. 


Gainers / Losers
Top 5 Gains.
SymbolStockClose% Change
TWH5MSCI TAIWAN INDEX (Mar 2015)357.4+1.1%
TA-100Israel Tel Aviv 100 Index1300.61+0.8%
SHASHRChina Shanghai A Index3402.06+0.8%
SHCOMPShanghai Composite Index3246.91+0.8%
OSEBXNorway OSE Bench Index621.01+0.7%
Top 5 Losses.
SymbolStockClose% Change
ASEGreece Athens SE Index859.7-3.8%
DFMGIDubai Financial Market General Index3834.56-3.2%
CASECairo Stock Exchange CASE 309585.92-2.0%
RIGSELatvia OMX Riga Index420.56-0.7%
The International Equity Index Model Portfolio
Date Stock Code Type Open Price Current Price % P&L Target Stop
8 Jan 2015 Dow Jones Ind Avg INDU Long 17907.9 18019.4 +0.62% 16900
11 Feb 2015 S&P Midcap 400 Index MID Long 1480.1 1502.78 +1.53% 1375
12 Feb 2015 Japan Nikkei 300 Index NEY Long 294.4 296.8 +0.82% 265
12 Feb 2015 NASDAQ 100 NDX Long 4347.09 4384.03 +0.85% 4050
12 Feb 2015 India BSE Sensex Index SENSEX Long 28805.1 29135.9 +1.15% 27500
12 Feb 2015 Germany DAX Index DAX Long 10919.6 10923.2 +0.03% 10200
13 Feb 2015 Russian Traded Index CRTX Long 1217.37 1261.31 +3.61% 935
13 Feb 2015 Euro Stoxx 50 Index SX5E Long 3447.59 3433.3 -0.41% 3250
13 Feb 2015 Denmark KFX Index KFX Long 800 803.363 +0.42% 760
  • There are no changes today.


Daily Analysis

Symbol Name Comment Close 1 day Support Resistance
SPGLOBS&P Global 1200 IndexFirms towards the 2014, and all-time, highs.1941.92-0.0% 1773.7/1835.31961.12/1953.08
INDUDJ IndustrialsPushes up to range resistance at the all-time high.18019.4+0.3% 15855.21/17037.818103.5
SPXS&P 500 IndexPushes above range resistance at the Dec ceiling (2093.55) to a new all-time high.2096.99+0.4% 1972.56/
CCMPNASDAQ Comp.Extends the advance towards the 2000 peak.4893.84+0.7% 4116.6/4547.315132.52
NDXNASDAQ 100Rallies towards the 2000 peak.4384.03+0.8% 3700.22/4078.854816.35
UKXFTSE 100Retests the 2013/2014 highs near 6900.6857.05-0.2% 6298.15/6731.996950.6/6904.86
SX5EEuro Stoxx 50Renews the advance after consolidating.3433.3-0.4% 2998.53/3321.593905.5
CACFrance CAC40 IndexAdvance is becoming overbought again.4751.95-0.2% 4076.16/4571.055142.1
DAXGermany DAX IndexHolds the advance near the all-time high.10923.2-0.4% 9382.82/10552.8/
SPMIBItaly S&P MIB IndexResumes the advance towards the Sept peak.21165.8-0.2% 17555.8/20231.321481.9
CRTXRussian Traded IndexBreaks above the s-t range/base.1261.31+0.3% 810.98/1002.081526.26
IBEXSpain IBEX 35 IndexResumes the advance to the Dec high.10689.5-0.5% 9610.1/10136.410928.3
OMXSweden OMX IndexExtends the overbought rally to a new all-time high.1644.29+0.1% 1525.44/1572.72/
SMISwitzerland SMI IndexExtends the recovery from oversold.8712.69+0.7% 7710.84/7852.839292.44
AS51Australia ASX200 IndexStrongly resumes the overbought rally towards the May 2008 peak (5980.8).5858.21-0.5% 5267.4/5739.85980.8/5850.9
SHASHRChina Shanghai A IndexUptrend flattens beneath the 2009 high. Steadies by the 50-day MA.3402.06+0.8% 3074.57/3194.353651.2/3570.26
HSIHK Hang Seng IndexAdvance yields to ranging below the Sept peak.24784.9+0.2% 23590/24324.425363/24995.1?
SENSEXIndia BSE Sensex IndexCorrection from the overbought all-time high reverses near the sideways area along 28000.29135.9+0.1% 26776.1/28044.529844.2
NKYJapan Nikkei 225 IndexEdges over the Nov/mid-Feb range.17987.1-0.1% 14529/16592.618300.4
IBOVBrazil Bovespa IndexFall towards the 2013/Mar 2014 floor flattens.50635.9+2.2% 44107.1/44904.8/45852.857359.3/50973.4
SPTSXCanada TSX CompositeRallies within the 2014 top.15264.8+0.2% 13892.6/14392.615685.1
VIXCBOE Volatility Index (VIX)Ranging beneath the Dec high. Probes the lower boundary.14.69-4.2% 10.28/11.24/14.0131.06/25.2

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