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Commodities Daily Hotline
29 June 2018                            
Chart of the day:

 The DBC may now form short term top

Daily Comment:


Base Metals forms short term tops; we sell

Agriculture ETF remains at recent lows

Gold breaks support at 120

Gainers / Losers
Top 5 Gains.
SymbolStockClose% Change
DBAAgriculture ETF17.77+0.1%
Top 5 Losses.
SymbolStockClose% Change
UNGNatural Gas23.93-1.1%
The Commodities Model Portfolio
Date Stock Code Type Open Price Current Price % P&L Target Stop
10 May 2018 Natural GasUNG Long 22.88 23.93 +4.59%24 21.75
Daily Analysis

Symbol Name Comment Close 1 day Support Resistance
DBCGeneral Commodity ETFunwinds into uptrend at 17.517.48-0.1% 1718.5
GLTRPrecious Metalsmakes new lows below 63; tests support at 6161.22-0.3% 6467
DBBBase Metalsforms top, tests support at 17.7517.77-0.1% 18.520
COWTFLivestocktrades short term range 20-2221.78+1.8% 2022
DBAAgriculture ETFmakes new short term lows17.77+0.1% 19
DBOOilencountered medium term resistance at 12.812.34+0.2% 11.312.8
UNGNatural Gasfinds short term support above 2323.93-1.1% 2325
GLDGoldtests short term support at 118118.22-0.3% 118122
PALLPalladiumtests short term support at 9089.71-0.7% 9099.5
PPLTPlatinummakes new short term lows; short term support at 8080.79-0.7% 8085
SLVSilvertests short term support at 15.515.07-0.3% 1516.5
JJCTFCopperforms short term top beneath 3733-1.1% 3436
SOYBSoybeanmakes new short term lows17.935-0.3% 20
WEATWheatreasserts downtrend; support at 0.60.62-0.8% 0.600.70
NIBCocoaforms short term top beneath 3029.015+3.3% 3036
COFFCoffeemaintains downtrend; some support at 1.1.016-0.4% 1.01.05
BALTFCottonforms short term tops beneath 6256.85-1.6% 5662
SGGFFSugarmaintains downtrend23.58+1.3% 2226

New Signals

P&F Breakouts: Jun 28, 2018.

None Found

Key Day Reversals : June 28, 2018
None found

MA Crossovers : June 28, 2018
None found

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