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Bloomberg’s 11 international Web sites provide an up-to-the-minute mix of data, news and tools related to financial markets, economics, politics, personal finance and lifestyle. Stockcube Research’s analysts appear regularly on European Bloomberg TV.  

CNBC Europe
With programming from the Europe, the US and Asia, CNBC Europe provides the perfect 24-hour business briefing. In Europe, a series of live links to the Wall Street and Dow Jones Newswire bureaux give viewers direct access to the news as it happens. Stockcube Research’s analysts appear regularly on CNBC Europe.  
Consensus Online
Current and In-Depth Market Analysis for Stock and Commodity Traders.  Coverage includes Stock Markets, Commodities, Financial News, Technical Analysis, Economic Reports and the weekly Bullish Sentiment Index for 32 individual markets.  

Contrarian Investing Association
Beating the market - by going against the crowd!

The Contrarian Investing Association looks for strongly financed, growing companies that are undervalued by the market for the wrong reasons, believing that the market will come to appreciate their true value over time. This investing approach can also be described as Contrarian, since such stocks are purchased when most investors believe that they are unattractive.

Up-to-date analysis of the US markets, with great features, news, analysis and articles for the private investor. Includes articles from Mark Hulbert, editor of the Hulbert Financial Digest, a publication that has monitored indepenedent advisory newsletters for over a quarter of a century. 
Created by The Bond Market Association to help educate investors. The Association represents the largest securities markets in the world, the estimated $44 trillion debt markets. As the industry’s voice, the Association speaks for the global bond industry, advocating its positions and representing its interests internationally with issuer and investor groups worldwide. The Association represents a diverse mix of securities firms and banks, whether they are large, multi-product firms or companies with special market niches.

Investors Chronicle
The UK’s biggest selling investment weekly and the definitive source of analysis and tips for UK stockmarket investor and a firm favourite with the II-UK team. Available online at  


An extremely useful financial term dictionary, published by the ever reliable Forbes group.

The Miner’s Manual
Metal prices, mining news and information.

Reuters News
Quotes and reports from the world’s financial markets.  
UD-based financial "infotainment" site, trading strategies and ideas.
Seeking Alpha
A stock market blog that provides free fundamential stock market analysis from money managers, investment newsletter writers, and the general public. Articles focus on opinion and analysis rather than news. 

Traders’ Magazine
Published monthly in English and German language editions and covers daytrading, swing trading and position trading. The magazine has a wide focus across all instruments including stocks, futures, options, currencies, CFD’s, spread betting and warrants. Find it at 

The Technical Analyst Magazine
The only European publication devoted entirely to the subject of technical analysis, for institutional and private investors. Find it at
Yahoo! Finance
Stock market news and real time price quotes.

US Sentiment holds the key
The Advisors Sentiment Survey continues to provide advance warning of major market turning points.  
The analysis and data regularly feature in the international financial press as a key indicator of market reversion.
Examples of these articles can be found on Barrons, NY Times, and Investor's Business Daily.
Read what CNBC said about the biggest switch in sentiment for 7 years.
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Historic Advisors’ Sentiment data since 1963 is also available; please contact us for further details.

US Stocks/Market Timing Combo
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